Why video?

It’s the best medium for moving people to action because it evokes the strongest emotion, engaging the most senses, producing the highest recall.

Why do people prefer video?

We are a video generation. Everyone should incorporate video into marketing, sales, communication and training strategies.

Is video expensive?

Not at On Motion Media where we make videos very affordable and very effective.  In the pre-production phase, we consult with our clients in detail, guaranteeing they will use their video products in the best and wisest ways, as opposed to creating a big video that attempts to address every business need within one format.

Is video effective?

Video productions, whether training, marketing,  or sales, address the brief attention spans of viewers¾ short and to the point, producing the highest rate of viewer recall and strongest likelihood to prompt personal action.

My cousin/friend/employee shoots videos, shouldn’t I use them?

Although nowadays just about anyone can pick up a video camera, the end product will not be the same.  On Motion Media will guarantee quality video productions that are so professional, no matter what the message, it will seem more important because of how great the end product looks.  It is the content, however, that matters most and distinguishes On Motion Media amongst other video companies.  Remember, we are going to construct a video that is going to achieve results.

How is a video distributed?

On Motion Media believes that all of the video elements and productions it creates should be distributed via the free distribution system of the Web. On Motion Media can do email blasts inviting everyone to watch the video as well as offer analytics that can tell the client how many people viewed the video¾ welcome news to marketing, sales, communication and training professionals. We recommend green friendly, however, broadcast and DVD formats also can be made available.

How do I learn more?

You can contact On Motion Media by email or phone:

General inquiries are welcome at info@onmotionmedia.com

Business Phone: 412-434-7777 and Business Cell Phone: 412-656-7619