what we do


  • Discovery: On Motion Media is a video company that approaches each client’s desires and each individual project with an upfront investment of time attention toward establishing needs and the most appropriate video solutions available in the arena of marketing and video productions in Pittsburgh
  • Brainstorming: Collaborative communication and partnerships are the cornerstone of On Motion Media’s success as a Pittsburgh-based video  production company.  Each project begins by establishing the best video solutions available through a process of discussion and exchanges that produces the broadest and most promising range of possible approaches
  • Intensive Organization: Whether we are shooting local Pittsburgh video productions or in remote venues on-location, editing stills, or filming in a video studio, On Motion Media uses the same meticulous process, no matter the size or complexity of the video production


  • Hi-def production and tapeless workflow
  • High-end look and high quality video production
  • Resolutions shot in 720 & 1080 variable frame rates
  • Attention to every detail produces an atmosphere of absolute comfort and elicits the best on-camera performances from all subjects, allowing for everyone to look, sound and feel their best


  • Editing with Adobe Premier
  • Animation
  • Graphics
  • SFX with Adobe After Effects
  • Sound Effects & Music with Pro Tools premiere software


  • Branding packages
  • Video distribution and placement
  • Marketing support and services
  • Placement and distribution analytical reporting

Client communication is a defining factor in the On Motion Media process of video production.  Whether the final production be corporate video, web video, or commercial productions shot on-location or in the video studio, from our client relations staff of producers, business development professionals and videographers, to our pre-to post-production client care, our video company develops, maintains and grows our client relationships unlike any other Pittsburgh video company.
On Motion Media works painstakingly, entering at any point in the creative, production or post-production process as dictated by our clients’ needs in order to fulfill their goals and targeted outcomes.

  • Whether an advertising agency or a mom & pop shop, On Motion Media treats constructing a video like building a house, with each project tailored to specific client needs, tastes and marketing and branding parameters, making On Motion Media a video production company Pittsburgh relies on for full-service video and distribution.