.01 / Pre-Production


Our team of video production experts work to discover your needs and the story you want to tell.


Each project begins with a detailed dialogue and collaboration between the client and our team.

Attention to Detail

Our team devotes specific attention to detail and responsiveness no matter the size or complexity of the video project.

.02 / Production


We pride ourselves on providing the best talent to staff our crew.


On Motion Media uses only the best Sony and Canon video gear, and offers DJI Mavic Series drones. Our team provides professional audio, lighting, and grip gear for every shoot.

FAA Drone Certification

We offer the best drone service capabilities with access to fly in restricted air space and beyond.

.03 / Post-Production


On Motion Media offers the very best in-house video editing by our team of highly skilled editors using Adobe Premier.

Content Creation

From curated interviews and dynamic B-roll, our editor captures your story vividly.


Our team of editors create every frame of animated video to showcase your service.