Sherwood Oaks is an amazing place. It’s a retirement community in Cranberry Township, just north of Pittsburgh, that is so inviting a person might want to set up residence there well before retirement age. One of the ways residents get their first exposure to Sherwood Oaks is to take an onsite tour. These tours are very successful because Sherwood Oaks’ helpful and informative staff is there to each interject their own personality and offer their own unique insight into Sherwood Oaks’ many amenities. Sometimes the Sherwood Oaks staff is not available to speak directly to potential residents so On Motion Media partnered with Sherwood Oaks to create videos to act as a stand in for staff members when they can’t be onsite. On Motion Media’s video production experts produced videos that could be accessed on iPads and played during the onsite tours.

As distribution channels change with advancing technology, On Motion Media advances also. A mobile technology like an iPad is just another channel to incorporate video–based information, education, and entertainment into our lives. For On Motion Media video is our specialty. On Motion Media is a video-only company. It’s our single-minded commitment to video excellence that Sherwood Oaks and all of our clients appreciate.

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